Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One shot - Two versions

Joshua Tree along Hwy 395

On my drive home from Death Valley last month I saw some Joshua Trees at the side of 395 south of Lone Pine. I've never been tempted to stop here before, but the interesting cloud formations lured me into taking a few photos. By the time I got out and walked over to an attractive Joshua Tree, things were already starting to change. I just had time to take a couple of shots before the clouds started to break up leaving mostly blue skies behind. It is one of the things I keep re-learning about photography - the light never waits for me to take my time and get everything set up 'just so' the way I would like. Still, I'm glad I stopped and took this shot. I decided to process a second version in B&W with a slight Sepia tone. I also added an edge to the photo. I like both of them. With all the tools available to us nowadays the possibilities are endless.

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