Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making the best of what I was given

I just returned from a photography trip to Death Valley National Park. I had envisioned layers of pristine dunes with golden light illuminating them. I did have some nice light and there were some beautiful clouds. But I also found a multitude of other people taking their enjoyment on the dunes. They left lots of footprints. I would have loved to take this shot without the footprints, but that was not what I was given. So I decided to use them as a leading line into the image. Sometimes we have to adjust our expectations to meet the reality of the situation. Maybe this wasn't the shot I hoped to get, but it was still a glorious afternoon on the dunes.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Finding my STYLE

I am working on a presentation about developing a personal PHOTOGRAPHIC STYLE that I will be showing on April 1st. It is for the Morro Photo Expo to be held in Morro Bay starting on March 29th. As I work on this project I have had to look more closely at my own photos and try to identify the common themes or elements I repeatedly use over and over. Both these photos have a strong foreground and I have placed the horizon high in the frame. I have used a wide angle lens to create a feeling a depth and I took advantage of dramatic lighting to enhance the scene. I think both images are representative of my personal photographic style. Most of all, I always try to "see with my heart" and become emotionally involved with my subject. I have a deep reverence for our Central Coast and all of Nature. I hope you experience that feeling when you look at my photographs.