Monday, March 12, 2012

Full Moon set at Cayucos Pier

All too often here on the West Coast fog obscures the sky making full moon photography impossible. We were lucky to have clear skies this March at full moon time. It must be the luck of the Irish since St. Patrick's Day is in a few days. :-) I took advantage of two fog free mornings to photograph the full moon setting over Cayucos Pier. On the first morning (top 2 shots) the moon was 'imprisoned' by the 'bars' of the pier as it sank toward the horizon. I went back on the second morning and got the light I was hoping to see - beautiful bands of pink and blue in the sky and their reflection on the water and wet sand of the beach. The blue is the Earth's shadow and the pink is the sun hitting the atmosphere above the Earth. The full moon and it's reflection completes the shot.

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