Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of another month

I love to watch the Harbor Seals along our Central Coast. It makes me smile to see them lift their heads and tails in an effort to stay dry as the tide rises. In the end the tide inevitability wins and they are forced off their sunny perch and into the water. I have always wanted to capture this behavior and I finally got the chance this July. I wish the light had been a bit more forgiving, but I am happy with the action of the water and the way the seals are posed. I hope this shot makes you smile too.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A favorite view of ZION

Zion Clearing Storm
It has been a while since I posted. My Feartured Artist Exhibition in the Gallery at Marina Square in June went extremely well. I feel honored to have so many of my friends support me for the show.

I have felt photographically "flat" lately. So in an effort to reinspire myself I have gone back to work on a few of the photos I took in Zion last May. We were fortunate to be there at the edge of some stormy weather. It had just stopped raining and the sun was starting to break though to illuminate the red cliffs in the distance when I took this shot. I like the 'pathway' between the cactus that leads my eye into the scene.