Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Monarch story

Nature is not always kind. On March 1st I observed a new Monarch starting to emerge. But after watching a few minutes I realized that she was stuck halfway out of her chrysalis. The chrysalis had not cracked open like I’ve seen others do. As her wings expanded she became more and more trapped. I tried to help, but I was unable to assist her out. The next day I found her on the ground out of the chrysalis, but her wings were permanently crumpled up. She could not fly. She has been in our yard for almost two weeks now. Today she is still alive, but just barely. I tried to put her onto flowers so she could eat, but her crumpled up wings are now ravaged and holey. It is so sad. She has such a strong will to live.  Here are the photos of my sad little Monarch with the strong life force. I honor that force and her by sharing these photos with you.

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