Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

A new day dawns. Easter has always been the Season of hope and possibility to me. And I am reminded each morning that I have the opportunity to begin fresh - to start over again. The mistakes and blunders of the day past are just that - past. Some mornings are brilliant, others are more subtle - especially here in Morro Bay. But when it is good, it is spectacular. I have won the lottery in life. I live in a free Country, I am loved, I have good health, I have an abundance of everything I could possibly want, and I am surrounded by Natural beauty. I am eternally thankful for all these gifts. I am also aware that I have an obligation to give back and to share some of my riches. I pray for the grace of a generous heart. Easter opens me up and allows the Light to flow through me. I hope each of you finds your own light and joy this Season too. Happy Easter.

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