Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beach walk

Barefoot Beach Walk
Last week I took a walk late in the afternoon out onto the sandspit in Morro Bay. A very low tide had left the sandy beach washed smooth and wisps of fog were just beginning to creep onshore. A relaxed dreamy feeling overcame me as I walked along. I came upon this set of bare footprints leading my eye off into the distance. They seemed to capture perfectly my mood of the evening.
I have some very happy news to share. My photo "FANTASY FOREST" won First Place in the Photomorphosis show! The judge, Richard Martin wrote me a personal note that I got with my award. This is what he wrote: "This image explores the photograph as fiction and fantasy in a highly successful manner. Reflecting the creative vision of the photographer, it synchronizes the craft of photography at the maximum level, with the art of photography. The design of the image and exceptional detail guides the viewer on a continual journey of visual discoveries. The true test of any image is its ability to entice the viewer to revisit over time and find new meanings." I feel highly honored to have received this award and even more honored by the judge's words.

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