Sunday, September 4, 2011

Remembering Nancy

Fossil Nautilus

In memory of Nancy Rotenberg 1946-2011. I had the priviledge of taking a workshop with Nancy several years ago. Her spirit touched me deeply and she is one of my photo 'heros' and a mentor to my heart. She was an exceptional person and photographer. She lost her battle with cancer a few days ago.

She wrote one last note to all of us.
"I have had a good life. I was privileged to receive love and honour and the spirit of all things beautiful. Please do not be sad that it was short---it was full. I leave with all the images that I have seen and experienced and all the hearts that I have hugged. Enjoy your dance, sweet souls, and remember me when the dolphins sing and the flowers wrap their arms around each other and breezes blow wise words to your hearts. Have open hearts--it is where the light and love will shine. Namaste." Nancy

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  1. What a wonderful tribute Alice. She seemed to be such a wonderful person and her spirit will shine on.