Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some MAY thoughts


May is truly a lovely month. In the Sierra all the rivers and waterfalls are running wild and free and the wildflowers are in their glory. My thoughts always turn to Yosemite in May. I was married in the Park 23 years ago this month. Don and I usually return every year to renew our love for each other and to breathe some of that rare mountain air. If I close my eyes and open my heart, I can relive the joy and excitment of our wedding day. This year looks to be one of those exceptional Springs. And I will miss it. We are off to have a different kind of Anniversary in the deserts of the Southwest. I wish I could be two places at once. Life is always about making choices. And even when the choice is between two very good options, there can be a sense of loss. I will return to Yosemite in my mind this year for my Anniversary. Next year I well BE THERE. 

"Snow waters rush in a misty cold dance
Turning the light into rainbows
Falling and free, alive to the chance
Of giving back into the life flow."

taken from SIERRA HIGH
© Alice Cahill

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