Sunday, January 23, 2011

A great 'catch'.

Last weekend Don and I participated in the 15th annual Morro Bay Bird Festival. There were so many great field trips and lectures that it was hard to choose among them. On Sunday we opted to take the Bay Cruise for photographers. Morro Bay is rich with birds and other wildlife at this time of year. My best "catch of the day" was of an Osprey with a fish it had just caught. It is interesting to see how the Osprey carries the fish. It is so very aerodynamic.

On the Monarch front, about 8 caterpillars are still munching away on our Milkweed and we now have 14 Monarch chrysalis jewels hanging from various plants and twigs in  our yard. They could start changing into butterflies any day now. I keep checking them daily and I really hope I get to see at least one transformation.

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